Vision and Mission

Success of any business largely depends on the revenues generated through sales. When it comes to a publication, advertisements are the main source of earning. But we have proved this wrong. We are proud to be the only publishers with such a huge volume of our sales and literally having let the income from advertisement go.

We have always strived hard to give more and more information to our customers. We have created a unique product which is much more than a calendar or even a panchang. Life long bond with our customers through unmatched satisfaction is our main goal. We are already no.1 in Marathi. We are blessed with the multi-lingual culture in India.

We are constantly working on expanding our horizons beyond Marathi now. We are satisfied with our work in Kannada and Hindi language to an extent, but we sincerely feel there is still a lot more to do and achieve in other languages. It will be our priority and aim in coming years to develop our multilingual calendars and explore new market territories in the neighboring states.