Mr. D. N. Shirke, father of Editor and Managing Director Shri. Sadashiv Alia Bhau Shirke was an excellent artist who possessed extra ordinary skills in the fields of photography, astrology and painting. Being a capricious artist he exploited his talent in various fields of his likes. He had a special interest in ‘Panchang’. In the year 1944 he entered into the business of publishing Marathi calendars by launching a Marathi calendar by his own name “M/s D. N. Shirke & Sons”.

This calendar is being published every year uninterruptedly since then. The specialty of this calendar was it contained all the complicated panchang information in a simplified manner that could be understood by common people who had no knowledge of panchang. Soon calendar publishing became the prominent activity of his business in future. He named the calendar business as ‘Saraswati Agency’, Saraswati happened to be the name of his wife.

Further in the year 1977, it was thought that along with the calendar M/s D. N. Shirke & Sons’ to introduce new and improved version of the calendar under the trade name ‘”Shri Mahalaxmi”. Also in the same year the business of the erstwhile ‘Saraswati Agency’ came to be taken over by the newly formed ‘Saraswati Publishing Co.’ which consisted of the family members of the Shirke family. In coming years “Shri Mahalaxmi” achieved a coveted position in calendar industry. There was substantial growth in sales and turnover. Hence it was thought fit to convert the then existing partnership firm into a Private Limited Company.  Hence for effective management of the business ‘’Saraswati Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.’’ Was formed on 22nd November 2000.